Reuben Bledsoe Jr. is a gifted multi-talented writer with a very powerful imagination and second to none work ethic. Born in Little Rock, Arkansas, he’s the Owner and CEO of an up and coming entertainment / literary powerhouse, STARR LLC. As a proud member of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, a graduate of the University of Arkansas – Pine Bluff, Coahoma Community College, and an ACTIVE advocate against ALL forms and aspects of BULLYING & WOMEN RIGHTS "Protect the QUEEN". His sole mission, objective and writing motto is simple, “Touching hearts with words GOBALLY.” This is both the key ingredient and formula he uses for masterful writings. Reuben will be the next international literary sensation and will definitely mystify the reading minds of many.

"Can I Tell You a Story?" Reuben Bledsoe Jr.

As a young African American child, when I went to the library at school or publicly there weren’t many books that had pictures of main characters that look like me and share similar experiences as I did. I had to meet with the librarian and make special request for particular books that I was interested in.

Going forward into the 21st-century I created STARR, a literary brand that believes in inclusiveness and diversity amongst all ethnicities of men and women both children and adults who felt as I did. I will fill that void for the future generations. I’m committed and solely want to be responsible for committing the worlds first Global, “READING REVOLUTION!” Every book that I write WILL become a movie.

TRUE STORY: As a child I was very fascinated with stars. I use to sneak out the house at night and climb this huge apple tree in our front yard and I would always try to count them. I would always try to find the biggest and brightest star, something different and set apart from the others and I would claim that STAR as me. Night after night I would search for this particular star that was BIG, BRIGHT and BEAUTIFUL and I call it, "REUBEN" it was always in the same area and it became very easy to find. Coincidentally, later in life, I found out that the STAR I was actually claiming to be was the infamous North Star, a known guiding light that some still used today but has been used thousands of years ago as a guide. How Ironic is that?😇

My #1 GOAL is simple: “TOUCH THE CORE OF HEARTS GLOBALLY WITH MY WORDS.” I’ll say this very confident, but with the utmost humility, I WILL be the GREATEST storyteller that the world will ever WITNESS. Let's relentless INVEST in our youth today to change the ideology of ALL youth of EVERY ethnicity globally. Let a "Lighthouse of LOVE" be the core beacon in their heart and in life for tomorrow and the future. Let's teach them that LOVE will conquer HATE at every instance, circumstance or situation. Let’s CHANGE the WORLD and rewrite HISTORY together!😇

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